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I’m excited and honored to introduce you to Kimberly McCreight!


Author Kimberly McCreight has got the literary bull by the horns. Impressing readers and critics with her debut thriller Reconstructing Amelia in 2013, McCreight and HarperCollins have wasted no time publishing an equally gripping second thriller.


amelia hardcover

In Reconstructing Amelia, Kate is a Brooklyn lawyer; her daughter, Amelia, is a freshman in high school. Kate never expected that she’d be using her professional skills to uncover what’s happened to Amelia – after she was found dead at her school.

Reconstructing Amelia was nominated for the Edgar Award in 2014 for Best First Novel, and a Goodreads Choice Award finalist in 2013 for best mystery. It’s also in development as an HBO movie, produced by and starring Nicole Kidman.





where they found her

Officially released today, Where They Found Her is a heart-pounding suspense, surrounding the unexpected death of a child. This book has already been named as a BAM Buyer’s Pick and chosen as the top mystery pick by both Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I’m confident that readers will find Where They Found Her to be as immersive as her debut, if not more so.







I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with Kim for the past few months. Kim is incredibly genuine and heartfelt, and her humble nature is refreshing. She was generous enough to send me an ARC (advanced reader copy) of her newest book, so I could review it prior to it’s release. You can see that review here:



So, to help celebrate today’s release (regrettably, I was unable to attend the official release with her in New York City), I asked her some questions about life, parenting, and her success.












– If you weren’t writing, what else could you see yourself doing?

If I wasn’t a writer, I would likely still be a lawyer, hopefully now practicing the kind of law that helps people. But if I could do anything else, I think I’d be an FBI agent. I’ve always fantasized about that—though in my imagination there is lots of heroism and excitement and virtually no actual danger.


– What books might people be surprised to see on your bookshelves?

I like to read non-fiction, especially when I’m working on a novel: Going Clear, The Boys in The Boat, 10% Happier. I can’t wait to read Dead Wake.


– As with any parent, our children influence us everyday. In what ways have your daughters influenced your writing?

They certainly influence what I write about. Issues relating to mothers and daughters occupy much of my fiction. Small details from my children’s lives—the stuffed animals that cover their beds, the kind of pajamas they wear—are sprinkled throughout my writing, too I think having children has made me a more patient person, as well, which I think has benefitted my writing. They’ve also influenced my process, of course. I do write regular, full-time work hours—thanks to my amazing babysitter—and I often work weekends. But even so, it needs to be around soccer games and birthday parties and the like.


– And in what ways have you influenced your daughters, in regards to writing and literacy? 

I always saw becoming a novelist as a dream—something theoretically attainable, but only by a very lucky few. Because I’ve published books, I think my daughters see it as a legitimate career option, which is both a wonderful thing and a potentially scary one. I am constantly reminding them of that decade-long period when I could not sell a book, and how lucky I am that that period ever came to an end. And in their own schoolwork, I think they might also take writing more seriously than they would otherwise because it’s my job.


– Can you describe the moment when you realized you’d “made it” as an established author?

I’m still waiting for that moment. But I will say that seeing my first book, Reconstructing Amelia in an actual bookstore left me awestruck. I expect I feel the same this time, too.




Here’s to you, Kim! Let’s raise a glass – and your new book!



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